About the time Columbus set foot on a new continent, a group of men, women and children arrived here, at the place that would come to be called Le Couderc. Perhaps an extended family. This spot, then densely wooded, on the hills surrounding the town of Maurs, seemed a fine location to settle.
Maurs lies at a three-way intersection: on the road from Aurillac to Figeac and on the road south to Rodez. Even then, Maurs was a lively trading town, with a weekly market and an annual horse market. The latter was in those days a true spectacle where, apart from horses, every imaginable cottage industry was offered for sale, music was played and merry-go-rounds turned.
Afbeelding Maurs Oud

The builders, who went to work here, followed the contours of the land. The west side, where the salon is at present, is at ground level. The east side, the séjour, is three metres above the garden. Back then, that might have been where the cattle stood below; now there is the garden room, bathroom and toilet.There was building material in abundance; stones for the taking, trees for the cutting, and so no cutbacks were made. The walls here and there at the bottom are as much as three-quarters of a metre thick, the beam above the cantou is huge.
The actual building is an unimaginable feat of stacking art. Not only are the stones stacked so that rainwater drains outwards, but more than five centuries later they are still in place. Sometime in the 18th century, the bedroom was attached, with a timber-framed wall on the east side.
Uitgebreide Familie

We bought the house over five years ago from a Dutch contractor who bought it as a DIY project. Over a period of 10 years, he worked on it during his holidays: the walls were repointed with the appropriate material (cement is out of the question, it causes moisture problems), the roof was replaced, the floors are new as well as the water pipes and the electrical installation.
After buying it, we had an opening made in the séjour to the terrace. We wanted more light, and now enjoy the view from the dining table . We also insulated the attic and had two decent stoves installed. The pellet stove in the séjour goes on at the push of a button, useful for cold mornings, with the wood stove in the lounge you can heat the whole house if you want.

Uitgebroken muur

Maurs has not lost its vitality over the centuries. The Thursday market flourishes, the horse market is still an annual feast. There are now three supermarkets and on the Tour de Ville are the Cafés and Bistros with their terraces. Maurs does not hibernate, even in winter all manner of events are organised, the Christmas market, fireworks at the nearby park Domaine du Fau and open-air concerts.

We say a fond farewell to Le Couderc. For health reasons, we havedecided to move to a single level house.
Markt Muars